Newsstand: September 3, 2014




Newsstand: September 3, 2014

After 34 years, Eaton Centre eatery Mr. Greenjeans has closed. What overpriced, underwhelming chain restaurant do you think will swoop into the location to replace it? In the news: John Tory takes a lead in the polls, Rob Ford skips a debate to canvas, Sandra Bussin vies to reclaim her former council seat, and $9 million in Centrium condo deposits will be returned.

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According to the latest Nanos Research poll released yesterday, John Tory has taken a wider lead in the Toronto mayoral race, with 42 per cent support. Mayor Rob Ford remains in second with 28 per cent of the vote, while Olivia Chow begins to languish in third with 26 per cent. Tory also received an official endorsement by provincial infrastructure minister Brad Duguid (Scarborough Centre) yesterday, who praised his support of the Scarborough subway extension. Campaigns for both Chow and Mayor Ford dismissed the poll results, indicating that they were not important.

Meanwhile, yesterday was also busy for Mayor Ford, as he skipped out on a previously scheduled debate appearance to canvas door to door in the Jane Street and Finch Avenue area. Ford denied that he had ever planned to attend the debate hosted by the Greenwood Community Association, saying that his canvassing—or self-described “Rob Ford customer service”—was planned a week ago. As one thoughtful Torontoist commenter pointed out yesterday, Mayor Ford once challenged his fellow candidates by saying, “Let’s have a full debate. Any time, any place, I’ll debate anyone, even in their backyard.” To which he added the following caveat while doing his door-to-door rounds yesterday, stipulating, “I will do the major debates no problem, when I’m free.” Thanks for that clarification, Mayor Ford.

When Sandra Bussin was ousted from her council seat in Ward 32, Beaches-East York four years ago, she said that it was the end of her 22-year career in politics. Evidently it’s not, since yesterday Bussin entered the council race to reclaim her former riding. Having practiced real estate for the past four years, Bussin says that she has a new perspective to offer voters about property and property issues. Bussin also claims that past controversy regarding her role in granting an untendered contract for food and beverage concessions to the operator of the Boardwalk Pub hinged largely on misunderstandings. Incumbent Mary-Margaret McMahon was unfazed by the news of Bussin’s candidacy, saying that she is proud of her record at City Hall, and the wide 9,000-vote margin she won by in 2010 was a clear message sent by voters.

It appears that there is a little bit of good news for Centrium condo buyers who have been fleeced out of their deposit for a Toronto condo project that never got off the ground. A judge has signed an order for Brattys LLP to expedite the return of nearly $9 million in deposits to condo investors who signed on to purchase units in one of the two proposed towers located at Yonge Street, just south of Finch Avenue. This money is separate from the $15 million that was allegedly mismanaged by real estate lawyer Meerai Cho, who has been arrested on over two dozen counts of fraud, possession of stolen goods, and breach of trust. Cho says that she sent the money to a Centrium condo developer who has likely skipped the country and may be in South Korea right now.