Weekend Newsstand: August 30, 2014




Weekend Newsstand: August 30, 2014

This weekend is your last chance to head down to the Ex and gorge yourself on deep-fried treats. Go forth, and eat yourselves silly. In the news: Warren Kinsella issues a libel notice to a John Tory campaign strategist, a pitch to the province for more public transit funding, delays in the move of Captain John’s, and holiday road closures.

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Warren Kinsella recently parted ways Olivia Chow’s campaign where he was a key advisor to the mayoral candidate. This doesn’t mean he has disappeared from the election landscape altogether, though. No, he is still proving that nothing truly happens in life if it doesn’t happen on Twitter by trading barbs—and a libel threat—with the John Tory campaign. Kinsella first caused a stir when he took to the online messaging platform to call Tory’s SmartTrack transit plan “segregationist,” which Tory’s team countered was a false accusation of racism. Kinsella eventually deleted the offending tweet, and then posted an apology message that also distanced his views from the Chow campaign. Tory Advisor Nick Kouvalis retaliated with a series of his own tweets, including one alleging that that Chow’s campaign made a smart move by firing Kinsella. Toronto law firm Shillers LLP then joined in on the fun by taking to its own Twitter account to issue a notice of libel to Kouvalis, attaching a link to the notice that claims Kouvalis acted maliciously when he posted defamatory words against Kinsella. The notice asks Kouvalis to apologize on or before September 3 via Twitter.

Toronto Transit Commission CEO Andy Byford has teamed up with outgoing city manager Joe Pennachetti to make a pitch to the province for more public transit funding, which would include money to help revive a light rail transit line project along the waterfront that was a part of former mayor David Miller’s transit plans. Byford says that they have asked the province to pay for half of TTC operations and secure funding for future projects, including an east-west waterfront LRT that would go from Exhibition place to the Waterfront Campus of George Brown College. Mayor Ford has yet to respond to the news of the pitch, but his past unfailing support of subways makes it likely this proposal won’t be his cup of tea.

The ship that once was Captain John’s restaurant may have finally been sold to an Aurora-based company for scrap, but a concrete move date for the ship has yet to materialize. According to the new owner of The Jadran—American Seafood Exchange—the company is still co-ordinating the move with the City. Since it cannot be towed away as a whole, but must first be disassembled before it is removed, the process a slightly more complicated affair. The move is not expected to take place until after next week.

It is the long weekend, this means that it may be your last chance to make merry before the end of summer. But watch out for the city’s several road closures during special events this weekend, like Fan Expo, Open Streets, and the Labour Day Parade. Before you head out to frolic, be sure to check this handy list when planning your route.