Weekend Newsstand: August 23, 2014



Weekend Newsstand: August 23, 2014

It's going to be a cool day, so get out there and make the most of it. Grab tight to what's left of summer and try not to let go. In the news this morning: Warren Kinsella has deleted some campaign-related blog posts, Joe Pennachetti is stepping down as city manager, a condo developer seems to have disappeared with some money, and Captain John's may have found its final resting place.

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Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella, who has been running Olivia Chow’s mayoral candidacy war room, appears to have deleted more than three dozen posts about Chow from his personal blog. The move comes after he tweeted that rival candidate John Tory wants to implement a “segregationist” transit policy that would make access difficult for residents living in the outermost areas of the city. Kinsella apologized Wednesday and some of the blog posts appear to have been deleted that night. Chow spokesperson James Heath said “definitively” that the campaign did not ask Kinsella to remove the posts from his blog.

Joe Pennachetti, who has served as city manager for six years, will step down at the end of November. Pennachetti has been a quiet influence in the city government, and is credited with maintaining stability for workers during Rob Ford’s action-packed mayoralty. He won supporters when first starting at the job at the beginning of the global financial crisis, as Gord Perks (Ward 14, Parkdale-High Park) told the Toronto Star: Pennachetti is “a finance guy [… but] thought the duty of the public service was to make sure that in the middle of a financial crisis, the most vulnerable residents didn’t suffer.”

Retailers and (prospective) homeowners who purchased spaces in a high-rise at Yonge and Eglinton are worried they’ve been scammed out of the collective millions they spent on their spaces. The developer, Joseph Lee of Centrium at North York, sent out letters in January saying construction had fallen through and that he would return people’s down payments. Since then, owners have heard little to nothing and say they haven’t received any of their money back. Thomas Ma, one purchaser, says he received a letter this month claiming that Lee had gone bankrupt and that he would be unable to return people’s payments.

It had a long run, but it now looks as though Captain John’s will make its last voyage to a scrapyard sometime in the near future.