Vandalist: Reality Alert!
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Vandalist: Reality Alert!

Sanity-inspiring posters to get your life back on track.

BY: The Urban Sanity Initiative, a task force of the Marxist Nudist Taxidermy Club
LOCATION: John Street and Richmond Street West; Queen Street West and Beverley Street
PHOTOS BY: Andrew Gammell and Madeline Krentz
FIELD NOTES: Sometimes the wisdom we get isn’t the wisdom we want, but it may be the wisdom we need. That is almost certainly the case with the reality alert posters that have been popping up around town. We contacted the group responsible for these public service announcements—the Marxist Nudist Taxidermy Club, a group of discount suitcase and janitorial supply pedlars and absurdist interventionists—for a statement. This is what they had to say about their posters:

Modern life is a bewildering mess of loud noise and bright flashing lights, causing many people to feel anxious, confused, and/or riddled with despair. It’s so bad that a few poor souls even get to the point of questioning whether life has any meaning at all.

Since this state of affairs must not continue, the Marxist Nudist Taxidermy Club has created the Restoring Sanity Initiative to pull people back from the brink of madness and remind them that no, they don’t have to fear the Lizard People, and by golly, there are no ghosts in your bananas. It’s our hope that the posters we put up will have a reassuring influence, so that everyone feels confident enough to go home at night, tuck some children into bed, and then sneak down to the kitchen to tell the refrigerator there that everything is going to be A-okay, it all makes sense now.

Isn’t that the world we should be living in?

Thanks to the MNT Club we can at long last throw away our suspicious red fruits and stop straining our necks to eat leaves from the treetops. Truly we owe them our deepest gratitude.

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