Newsstand: August 15, 2014




Newsstand: August 15, 2014

In the news this morning (this cool, chilly morning): Sarah Thomson robocalls went out late last night, Bombardier employees occupied the Metrolinx office yesterday, a woman with tea-related burns was rebuffed by Tim Hortons, and the PATH sports a shiny new above-ground addition.

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Sarah Thomson, the fringe mayoral candidate probably best known for riding a horse around the city, has a new claim to fame: her campaign sent out robocalls this morning between 12:30 and 1 a.m. Thomson claims her campaign wasn’t responsible for the timing of the calls, and that there was an error on the part of the company sending the calls out.

Since July 14, 900 Thunder Bay-based Bombardier employees have been on strike protesting layoffs and cuts to benefits they say executives are planning. This week, several employees came to Toronto to raise awareness, and on Thursday, they briefly occupied the Metrolinx office and demanded to speak with company executives. Bombardier manufactures GO train coaches and subway cars as well as the new streetcars being introduced in Toronto. The Thunder Bay plant shipped three new streetcars this week, all of which were finished by management due to the strike. Bombardier employees wanted to talk to Metrolinx about safety concerns with managers working on the streetcars. After three days in town this week culminating in their meeting with Metrolinx, the 19 Bombardier employees headed back to Thunder Bay last night.

Nancy Ceci received second-degree burns on her upper thighs after an unfortunate spill at a Toronto Tim Hortons, and while that’s more than enough misfortune for one incident, Ceci says the company’s response has been insulting. According to Ceci, staff at the restaurant wouldn’t let her into the bathroom immediately after the spill because they said it was being cleaned. And after she called to complain, the company first ignored her and then offered her a $50 gift card in exchange for not going to the media with her story. The company’s version of events is somewhat different: they say the gift card was “a gesture of goodwill” and that there were “no strings attached.” Ceci, who has been largely incapacitated by the burns for weeks, has looked into a lawsuit but doesn’t hold out much hope for success.

A pedestrian bridge, already constructed off-site, will be installed above the Gardiner Expressway this weekend. The will bridge connect to the PATH and Union Station as well as to the Air Canada Centre. It was paid for by RBC, who as a condition of putting their headquarters on the waterfront must give its employees easy access to Union Station. The bridge will be fully movable, so that any construction on the Gardiner can take place easily and without harm to the glass encasement.