Newsstand: August 1, 2014




Newsstand: August 1, 2014

The Inglis billboard, the last vestige of a company that ties Toronto to its manufacturing roots, was taken down this week. Progress marches ever onward. Here's your pre-weekend news: John Tory is doing well in the mayoral race, a sloth is uninterested in civic honours, and Captain John's restaurant has been sold.

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Recent polls show the mayoral election to be a two-horse race, with John Tory and Olivia Chow outpacing all other candidates. Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tory is in first place in most polls, while star left-wing candidate Chow is in second. Polls differ on how comfortable Tory’s lead is, but they all seem to agree that he has won significant support among a demographic pollsters consider most likely to vote—that is, older and wealthier citizens.

Bob, a two-toed sloth at the Toronto Zoo, correctly predicted the winner of 14 World Cup matches this year, including the final match between Germany and Argentina. On Thursday, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly attempted to present Bob with a congratulatory scroll for his efforts, but the sloth refused the honour at least three times. Bob’s accuracy in predicting match winners was over 70 per cent.

Captain John’s Harbour Boat Restaurant has been sold and will be removed from the waterfront by August 22. The restaurant has been closed for some time; the City shut off utilities to the boat in 2012. The boat’s former owner, Ivan Letnick, owes the City more than $500,000 in unpaid taxes, utilities, and other fees, and had failed to pay Waterfront Toronto for the licenses that allow the restaurant land access. Letnick originally put the boat up for sale at $1.2 million but found no buyers; it was sold by federal court this week for just $33,501.