Extra, Extra: Rob Ford's Subpoena, Councillors' Voting Records, and Airport Parking Fees




Extra, Extra: Rob Ford’s Subpoena, Councillors’ Voting Records, and Airport Parking Fees

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  • It seems Mayor Rob Ford might be on the receiving end of a subpoena in the coming days—it’s being reported that police are ready to serve one requiring that he appear as a witness in the preliminary hearing for his friend and once-occasional driver Sandro Lisi’s extortion case. If the Crown calls him, he would actually be obliged to answer questions about his friend and once-occasional driver Sandro Lisi—and we’re guessing the court won’t look favourably on answers of the “I don’t throw my friends under the bus” variety. Doug Ford suggested that news of the subpoena had been leaked by the police as “payback” and that the Star has “a direct line to the chief”; Chief Bill Blair then said he is “prepared to take legal action.”
  • Metro‘s Matt Elliott has updated his “semi-objective tracker” of how frequently councillors vote the same way as Rob Ford. It’s colour-coded, it’s informative—and it’ll tell you which 19 councillors are on the board with 0 per cent, and which one has managed an even 100.
  • When you think about it, it’s really unfair that Pearson International Airport will lose parking revenue when the new Union Pearson Express starts up—or at least, Pearson certainly thinks so, and Metrolinx appears to agree: the agency has agreed to kick in about $1.85 per rider to compensate the Greater Toronto Airports Authority for all those lost parking dollars.

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