Extra, Extra: Mayor Ford on Streetcars and Raccoons, and TIFF Celebrities




Extra, Extra: Mayor Ford on Streetcars and Raccoons, and TIFF Celebrities

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  • Mayor Rob Ford appears to no longer hate streetcars as much as he’s historically hated streetcars, announcing today that he’d be in favour of improving the system if he were to win the election in October: “I’m not a fan of streetcars, but when there’s a lot of people, it moves relatively quick.” But he’s not in favour of time-based transfers, which would provide riders with “two-hour travel privilege per fare,” asking, “How do you define two hours?”
  • Rob Ford also appears to have elaborated on his complex and combative relationship with raccoons, also saying today: “There are standoffs. Sometimes they sit in front of my door and they’ve got the back door covered and the car door and they’ve got the bins covered. They usually don’t travel by themselves. There’s usually four or five. We have an issue with them.” He remains unconvinced, though, that a city-wide raccoon slaughter would be advisable.
  • There will be many stars coming to town for TIFF. The CBC lists 10 of them—including Robert Downey, Jr. and Reese Witherspoon—but because it limits itself to 10, it doesn’t get the chance to mention Jon Stewart, Simon Pegg, or Mark Ruffalo, to name just an additional few. (They’ll be coming, too).

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