Duly Quoted: Mary-Margaret McMahon, on Adelaide Bike Lane Separation




Duly Quoted: Mary-Margaret McMahon, on Adelaide Bike Lane Separation

The Beaches-East York representative is prepared to take her fight for physical barriers to city council.

“They need to be fully physically separated, not just paint—that’s not what I voted for. I think we need a little semantics lesson for everyone or dictionaries or something.”

-Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon (Ward 32, Beaches-East York), discussing the new bike lane on Adelaide Street, part of a pilot project that will eventually expand to Richmond Street to the north. In June, city council adopted a staff report calling for a “cycle track,” separated from vehicular traffic by flexi-posts and a painted buffer—but only the latter appeared. And, unsurprisingly, the paint hasn’t buffered much of anything; drivers regularly encroach upon the lane. The City’s general manager of transportation services, Stephen Buckley, defended the project, noting that bollards could be installed in the future if the current level of separation proves ineffective. But McMahon says she will attend the public works committee meeting next week to ask for real physical separation, and if she loses, take the fight to city council later this month.