Duly Quoted: Airport Employees, on Union-Pearson Express Fare Prices




Duly Quoted: Airport Employees, on Union-Pearson Express Fare Prices

Workers at Canada's busiest airport are furious at being priced out of the new rapid-transit link.

“This train serves absolutely no purpose for us … you go to any other city and the rail link is public transit, not half a billion dollars funding a private train for the bankers.”

—Sean Smith, mobilization co-ordinator Unifor Local 2002, on what the steep fare price Metrolinx is expected to set for the Union-Pearson Express means for the 5,000 Pearson employees his union represents. The transportation authority is looking to charge between $20 and $30 for a one-way ticket on the rapid-transit service, which is scheduled to open in 2015.

Smith told the Toronto Star, “This isn’t public transit, this is transit for the 1 per cent”—indeed, Metrolinx has stated that the $456-million rail link is geared more toward business travellers.

There has been backlash against the proposed fare price from politicians, too—Josh Matlow (Ward 22, St. Paul’s), who at next week’s council meeting will table a motion to push for a more affordable service, commented, “The irony is that the very people who work at the airport every single day will find the only rapid transit link to their workplace is unaffordable to them. That’s just folly.”