Weekend Newsstand: July 26, 2014


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Weekend Newsstand: July 26, 2014

The weather calls for rain this weekend, so stay inside and on the internet. Here's some weekend news: A local business owner makes a statement about the Israel-Palestine conflict, mulberries are an overlooked urban treat, and Annaleise Carr ends her swim across Lake Erie.

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We often think there’s nothing we can do about apparently intractable global conflicts, but one Toronto man is trying to contribute. Zane Caplansky, owner of Toronto’s Caplansky’s Deli, has offered to sponsor the annual Toronto Palestine Film Festival. He hopes that having the city’s best-known Jewish deli throw its support behind a project supporting Palestinian art will show everyone that these issues don’t need to divide people along ethnic or religious lines. “I want to make it known that my business, which is identified as a Jewish business, is absolutely supporting Palestinian causes,” Caplansky told the Toronto Star.

If that story made you hungry but you’re interested in something a little lighter, try looking for a mulberry tree on your street. The fruit, which grows wild, is said to taste like a sweeter blackberry and is often snubbed by city-dwellers who find them annoying. Mulberries can be a nuisance, falling from trees to stain decks or hit passersby, but they’re worth a taste. Mark Michalak, picking coordinator for Not Far From The Tree, told the Star that “it’s kind of an undesired fruit. I think there is a perception that fruit trees that grow in urban space are undesirable in the first place.” This perception is unearned and may be changing, so get to those trees before everyone else realizes their value.

Sixteen-year-old Annaleise Carr, who set out yesterday morning to swim across Lake Erie, ended her swim early, stopping at 4 a.m. at Long Point, Ont., just a few hours shy of her intended end-point at Port Dover. While the swim was cut short, Carr still earned $130,000 for Camp Trillium and her team’s spokesperson called the swim a great success. Carr became the youngest person known to swim across Lake Ontario two years ago.