Sound Advice: A Place Like This, by Majid Jordan



Sound Advice: A Place Like This, by Majid Jordan

The Toronto duo offer up breezy, R&B-tinged pop on their new EP.

Majid JordanWith the almighty power of Drake backing them, Toronto duo Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman’s five-track EP A Place Like This sparkles. Majid Jordan—who are signed to Drake’s label, OVO Sound, and co-produced and performed on the superstar’s hit “Hold on We’re Going Home”—serve up light and airy slices of R&B-flavoured pop with this latest offering.

Stylish and competently crafted, A Place Like This takes its cues from the dreamy electro-R&B sound currently making the rounds in the music world. Formerly known as GOOD People, Majid Jordan lack the ethereal mystique of the Weeknd circa House of Balloons, but nonetheless manage to keep things moody and enigmatic.

Tracks such as “Her” and the title track are syrupy-smooth, mid-tempo numbers that evoke late-’90s R&B, rarely shifting out of chill-lounge mode. “U” exemplifies the duo’s airy, echoey vocal styling and penchant for “love you more”-type lyrics—“All I Do” sounds like a B-Side for “Hold on We’re Coming Home (“All I ever do / Is think of you / Too much.”)

As a duo, the former University of Toronto students have been in existence only since 2011. In that respect, the tracks on A Place Like This feel like aural appetizers designed to hold folks over until a full-length effort sees the light of day. It’s an intriguing project—and definitely worthy of a few spins.