Reel Toronto: Hannibal — Season Two
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Reel Toronto: Hannibal — Season Two

The second season of Hannibal continued to break boundaries and look awesome as it made its way around the GTA.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

hannibal3 (640x354)

We’re going to be big about this and assume that Orphan Black and Hannibal weren’t so prominently snubbed at the Emmys just because they’re shot here. Probably the Americans are jealous, eh. The former, after all, features the ridiculously good acting of Tatiana Maslany and the latter is arguably one of the best-looking, most boundary-pushing shows on network television. Any way you slice it, our local TV shoots have come a long way from the likes of Relic Hunter.

2014 0722 2 dumaurierint (640x361)

The second season of Hannibal opens and closes with one of the ballsiest and bloodiest set pieces you’re likely to see on TV without having to click over to HBO and its ilk. It was a season we weren’t even sure was going to happen back when we profiled the last one, and we can now rest assured that a third season will allow the characters to continue their march toward the events of Red Dragon, and that showrunner Bryan Fuller will be able to continue to explore the “Cronenbergian vocabulary” of local locations.

And speaking of that first season, we should do a little housecleaning and repent for some sins of omission—there were some locations we missed not so much because of a lack of knowledge but thanks to just plain missing ’em. Here, for example, we see the handsome (okay, and dramatically lit) home in which Hannibal meets with his own therapist, played by Gillian Anderson.

2014 0722 1 dumaurierhouse (640x354)

The exterior seen here actually belongs to this handsome domicile on Mississauga’s mini-Bridle Path, Doulton Drive. Just a few doors down is a mega-mansion that’s been used in several shoots, including Kick-Ass 2.

s01 3 valleyhalla (640x354)

An increasingly popular location (seen in everything from Grey Gardens to Nikita)—and one of our favourites—is the Rouge Valley’s Valley Halla…

s01 3 valleyhalla2 (640x351)

…which does such a great job paying a creepy, past-its-prime rural manse. (It also played a key role in the second season of Orphan Black. We’ll get to that soon!)

2014 0722 1 05 alley2 (640x357)

One of the series’ key aesthetic motifs is the “death tableau,” in which murder victims are staged dramatically (and in eerily beautiful ways). This one…

2014 0722 1 05 alley (640x354)

…takes place in a location tucked away beside the Ontario Heritage Trust building on Adelaide. You can kinda sorta see the Starbucks across the street.

2014 0722 01 09 bluffs (500x306)

This one is in a more easily identifiable place: the beach by the Scarborough Bluffs.

2014 0722 5 telescope (640x363)

As we move into season two, we of course find several recurring locations. One (or, in fact, two) of the most distinct involves this telescope…

2014 0722 5 ddo (640x352)

…which is actually the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill.

2014 0722 1 dunlap (640x354)

As we pointed out last time, the psychiatric hospital is actually the telescope’s admin building, which is just a few feet to the southeast.

2014 0722 01 09 hannibalhouse (500x306)

The series is set mainly in and around the Baltimore-D.C.-Virginia corridor. Hannibal’s Baltimore mansion is actually 50 Lowther Avenue

2014 0722 7 willsfarmhouse (640x354)

Will Graham’s farmhouse, ostensibly in Wolf Trap, Virginia, is actually in the hamlet of Whitevale, in Pickering. Interestingly, the real owners are a former motocross champion and a painter!

2014 0722 1 stillnotrockville (640x355)

Somewhat amusingly, this early-season murder scene is supposed to be in Rockville, Maryland…

2014 0722 1 dam notrockvillemd (640x358)

…but the lovely dam setting is actually in Guelph’s Rockwood Conservation Area.

2014 0722 3 81prue (640x346)

The third episode features a botched FBI raid on this suburban semi…

2014 0722 3 81prue 2 (640x361)

…which is actually up in the Bathurst-Lawrence area…

2014 0722 3 81prue3 (640x350)

…on Prue Avenue.

2014 0722 5 pool1 (640x356)

Here’s Hannibal having an energetic swim in a (dramatically lit) swimming pool…

2014 0722 5 pool ymca (640x353)

…which we can see is actually the pool at the downtown YMCA, on Grosvenor Street.

2014 0722 6 blackcreekbarn (640x358)

This barn, which dramatically closes out one episode and opens another…

2014 0722 7 barn2 (640x357)

…might seem as if it’s way out in the sticks, but it’s actually part of Black Creek Pioneer Village—albeit not the main site. It’s the historic Schmidt-Dalziel barn, just on the other side of Steeles.

2014 0722 7 barnday (640x356)

At 8,200 square feet and 205 years old, it’s the biggest and oldest barn in the whole province, dontcha know! (Because it’s not on the Black Creek property, you can’t see it by visiting the village, but it’s been a part of Vaughan’s Doors Open program in the past.)

2014 0722 6 tree (640x357)

Arguably the series’ most stunning death tableau is this tree corpse, set up in a massive, fog-shrouded parking lot.

2014 0722 6 wonderlandlot (640x358)

The condos seen in this shot help us locate it. They’re on Jane Street, making this a parking lot you’ve been in but never seen so empty: the one at Canada’s Wonderland.

2014 0722 10 knox (640x358)

A rather more grisly tableau is this one, staged in the very photogenic Knox College.

2014 0722 10 morerom (640x358)

Supposedly in the same location is the very easy-to-spot Liebeskind addition…

2014 0722 9 romext (640x360)

…to the ROM.

verger (640x363)

We also get to meet the Verger family, including Margot Verger, played by Canuck actress Katherine Isabelle, best known for her lead role in Ginger Snaps.

2014 0722 10 casaloma2 (640x354)

A key new location is the family mansion. We’ve seen Casa Loma in a billion things…

2014 0722 10 casaloma (640x358)

…but rarely do we see the stable exteriors, used here. They look rather more urban when not framed so tightly.

2014 0722 10 casaloma3 (640x330)

We also see the interior…

2014 0722 10 casalomaverger (640x358)

…which has been used as the X-Men’s garage, and a steam bath in which Jean-Claude Van Damme fights in a towel.

2014 0722 10 stmikes (640x359)

This meeting between profiler Alana Bloom and tabloid journalist Freddy Lounds (played by Bramptonian Lara Jean Chorostecki) pretty recognizably takes place…

2014 0722 10 stmikes watermarks (640x358)

…at St. Mike’s, on the U of T campus. Gee willikers, NBC! We just said thiS is one of the best-looking shows on TV. Could you possibly ruin the compositions more with your stupid watermarks?

2014 0722 10 stmiekes worse (640x357)

Yup, you can. Thanks for that.

2014 0722 10 freddyhotel oldmill (640x355)

Freddy goes into hiding at a hotel, and this establishing shot is of the lovely Old Mill.

2014 0722 11 deadringers (640x359)

You may recall we mentioned Cronenberg before. Do you think this creepy abortion scene…

2014 0722 11 deadringers2 (640x356)

…might be an homage to Dead Ringers?

That about gets us caught up, but after this season’s cliffhanger ending, we’re expecting a different tone—and some cool new local locations to check out—next year.

UPDATE (AUGUST 29, 2016): We’ve updated this article to include the location of Will Graham’s farmhouse.