Newsstand: July 18, 2014




Newsstand: July 18, 2014

It's been a long, eventful week. Why not relax with some local news? Drake pitches a new nickname for Toronto on his new album, John Tory wades into the debate over renewing police Chief Bill Blair's contract, and a not-for-profit daycare in North York may be forced to close.

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Drake has done a lot for Toronto, from participating in the Raptors’ “We the North” campaign to mentioning the city in his lyrics. constantly Now he seems to be going one further: it was recently announced that he will name his new album Views From the 6, thus giving Toronto a new nickname (coined by fellow rapper and label-mate Jimmy Prime). “The 6” is kind of silly, but anything is better than “T-dot,” so we’ll take it.

The possible renewal of Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair’s contract in April 2015 has been a controversial topic, and during a press conference Thursday morning mayoral candidate John Tory weighed in. “I think he’s doing a good job,” Tory said, “and I think that he’s a person that’s going to be necessary in doing some of the things we have to do in years ahead to provide for better policing.” Mayor Rob Ford has offered no comment on the chief’s contract renewal, while Olivia Chow has said the decision should be left to the police board but that Blair has her “personal support.” Blair has held his current position since 2005, during which time police board vice-chair Michael Thompson has been censured by the board for speaking critically of the chief and the Toronto Police Service has had to modify its controversial carding policy.

A not-for-profit daycare in North York faces possible closure after its building manager, Manulife, has asked for significantly more money. Manulife wants the North York Little Prints daycare centre to pay an additional $130,000 in annual rent and cover the cost of a $250,000 retrofit. Neil MacCarthy, who has two children at the daycare and sits on the board of directors, says Manulife asked for the money after a for-profit daycare, Kids and Company, made a better offer for Little Prints’ space. Little Prints’ mandate requires that it offer a subsidized rate for 25 per cent of its clients, which a for-profit company is not required to do.