Extra, Extra: Vote Ford for Mayor, a Big New Landlord, and Toronto Millionaires




Extra, Extra: Vote Ford for Mayor, a Big New Landlord, and Toronto Millionaires

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Photo by PJMixer, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • “He understands that his job is to keep Toronto running well and doesn’t aspire to representing Toronto on the world stage or areas that are the rightful purview of the provincial and federal government such as youth unemployment.” That is just one of the 10 reasons J. Watkins gives for supporting Rob Ford in the upcoming municipal election. (There may also be a commendatory mention of the mayor’s “simple common sense approach to city government.”)
  • A massive, Swedish-owned company named Akelius is setting up shop in Toronto—by which we mean it’s buying up a whole lot of properties in the city, quite possibly making it difficult for lower-income residents to live in them, and generally contributing to what many housing advocates see as an insidious and injurious process of neighbourhood gentrification.
  • Do you happen to be a millionaire? If so, you’re apparently not alone: more than 2 per cent of Torontonians possess more than $1 million in assets (and that’s not counting the value of their homes)—making Toronto the 15th-most-full-of-millionaires city in the world. If you feel 2 per cent is not high enough, or that 15th-most-millionaired just doesn’t cut it, you should move to Monaco, where 29.21 per cent of the residents are extremely rich.

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