Extra, Extra: Rob Ford's Presser, Tim Hortons Beer, and Falling Glass




Extra, Extra: Rob Ford’s Presser, Tim Hortons Beer, and Falling Glass

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  • Those of you who’ve doubted Mayor Rob Ford‘s state of health or level of sobriety will be glad to know that he’s “as sober as a judge” and “as healthy as a horse.” Or at least that’s what he insisted today, after reporters asked why, in a CP24 interview on Wednesday, he’d appeared unable to keep his eyes fully open.
  • Can you imagine what would happen if Tim Hortons executives, store owners, and suppliers thought “outside the box,” and asked “‘What if…’ and ‘What could we be?'” Apparently what would happen is that people would start imagining a world in which Tim Hortons produced coffee- and strawberry-flavoured beer.
  • It’s been a typical day in Toronto, in that glass fell from a fancy downtown building onto the street below. It’s also been a not atypical day for the Shangri-La Hotel: that’s the building glass fell from today, and it’s also a building glass has fallen from three other times in the past two years.

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