Reel Toronto: Enemy
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Reel Toronto: Enemy

It's fair to say Denis Villeneuve's Enemy shows Toronto like you've never seen it before—and that's not a bad thing at all.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2014 06 24enemy (640x263)

Profiling Enemy is tricky, as we fear that posting even the most innocuous screencaps will spoil things, because it’s that kind of movie. We can tell you that it’s set in Toronto, that a spider attacks the city at some point (or does it?!), and that Jake Gyllenhaal is the main dude, playing at least one character. Beyond that, it’s probably best to tell you just that it’s an insanely cool movie, but you may find yourself Googling “Enemy, ending, WTF,” when it’s all done.

2014 06 24skylineopening (640x267)

Denis Villeneuve has been increasingly prominent since making Polytechnique and Incendies in his native Quebec. He came up with the crazy idea for this movie while palling around with Gyllenhaal, and they made it, and then they went on to do the also-impressive-but-also-difficult Prisoners, with Hugh Jackman. The latter film came out first, and Enemy is almost more like a trippy, arty experiment.

2014 06 24skyline3 (640x262)

It’s fair to say it shows you a Toronto you’ve never seen before. It’s not the warm, romantic Toronto of Take This Waltz, and it’s probably a freakier, more inhospitable city even than the one portrayed in Videodrome. Every shot of the city is utterly straightforward in not disguising Toronto…

2014 06 24skyline2 (640x262)

…but it’s a tobacco-stained, sickly city, shrouded in hazy smog…

2014 06 241kingwest (640x258)

…full of anonymous towers and few people…

2014 06 24webs (640x264)

…with streetcar wires strung like webs from which you expect spiders to drop…

2014 06 24credits ltwoer (640x263)

…and it’s an aesthetic that continues even through stunning shots like these…

2014 06 24credits acc (640x268)

…during the end credits.

2014 06 24utschall (640x265)

So, Gyllenhaal’s character is a university prof, and of course the only school that would do…

2014 06 24utsc (640x266)

…is the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus

2014 06 24utsclecture2 (640x264)

…with its 1970s lecture halls…

2014 06 24moreutsc (640x262)

….and the same Brutalist architecture that works so well as FBI Headquarters in Hannibal.

2014 06 24phonenumbers (640x265)

Even the staff directory phone numbers (at the fake “University of Greater Toronto”) are nicely accurate. Everyone’s got a 416 office number, but it looks as if all the profs commute from the burbs.

2014 06 24stjamestown (640x265)

As you can see from this overhead shot…

2014 06 24apartments (640x263)

… Gyllenhaal lives in the towers…

2014 06 24aptcourtyard (640x263)

…of St. James Town.

2014 06 24videostore wellesley (640x265)

He also goes to rent a video here, at the corner of St. James and Rose avenues. The “Queen Video” marquee is fake, but they did actually shoot the interior at the College Street location.

2014 06 24knox1 (640x264)

There’s a brief movie-within-a-movie he watches on his laptop…

2014 06 24knox3 (640x263)

…and though it appears to be taking place in a hotel, it’s actually in Knox College.

2014 06 2474reverse (640x262)

Then he goes to track down an actor from the movie, supposedly on “Callaghan Lane”…

2014 06 24talentagency74

…but actually at 74 Victoria Street.

2014 06 24hotel (640x261)

We never get a good, wide shot of it, but he also goes to meet that actor at this hotel…

2014 06 25hotel4

…which is actually a Best Western out in Oshawa.

2014 06 24miss (640x262)

And here’s a near-gimme.

2014 06 24lakehumber (640x266)

We really do head over to hospitable and inviting Mississauga…

2014 06 25 absoluteworld (640x265)

…home to the lovingly shot Absolute World towers…

2014 06 24rathburndeck (640x266)

…but while the street number is correct, we’re actually at this condo…

2014 06 24rathburncondo (640x257)

…at 3650 Kaneff Crescent.

2014 06 24gardiner (640x262)

We also have a couple of bits on the Gardiner Expressway…

2014 06 24roundhousetraffic (640x264)

where cars scurry past the Roundhouse like insects.

2014 06 24streetcar (640x262)

Gyllenhaal follows gal pal Melanie Laurent to work on the streetcar…

2014 06 24adelaidereverse (640x266)

…which she exits to go work in this anonymous office building…

2014 06 24130adelaide alsosuits (640x260)

…which we think might just be at 130 Adelaide Street West, which also portrayed a New York tower in Suits.

2014 06 24accident1 (640x261)

Then we get a key scene under the Gardiner on Lake Shore Boulevard…

2014 06 24accident (640x259)

…where there’s a big car accident right by the Jarvis Street exit. Man, they’re just always doing construction there.

2014 06 24traffic bmo (640x262)

The next morning, a radio report says traffic is jammed thanks to the accident, around Bathurst Street and Strachan Avenue. It doesn’t match with the crash location, but it does match the voiceover.

The Toronto on display in Enemy is the sort of place even a David Cronenberg character would find wholly unappealing. It’s a creepy, moody place, and, though we don’t want to spoil anything, it may be in the midst of a giant-spider invasion. Or maybe not. You’ll just have to watch it yourself to sort all that out.