Extra, Extra: Soknacki's Adorkableness, Ontario's New Lieutenant-Governor, and Pricey Pink Umbrellas




Extra, Extra: Soknacki’s Adorkableness, Ontario’s New Lieutenant-Governor, and Pricey Pink Umbrellas

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  • Mayoral candidate David Soknacki is now sitting at 6 per cent in the polls (or at least in the most recent poll). This is impressive when you consider that it is the highest percentage he has reached thus far and that Karen Stintz is currently at 3 per cent. What magical support-growing power does he possess that can compete with Stintz’s hopeful sunflowers? According to the Grid, it might have something to do with “adorkableness.”
  • Ontario now not only has a new majority government and a new Liberal cabinet—it’s also got a new lieutenant-governor. Today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Elizabeth Dowdeswell—a longtime civil servant, former assistant deputy minister at Environment Canada, and former executive director of the United Nations Environment Program—would be taking over from David Onley, who has held the position for seven years.
  • Waterfront Toronto is coming under fire after revelations it spent “$946,000 on two large rocks and 36 pink umbrellas” at Sugar Beach. We know Denzil Minnan-Wong (Ward 34, Don Valley East) does not approve of such expensive rocks and umbrellas, because (a) he said things such as “You can have nice things but you don’t have to spend $12,000 on an umbrella” and “A councillor who would vote for that would be strung up by their ankles,” and (b) there is a photo of him looking at a large, pink beach umbrella in an extremely disapproving way.

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