Extra, Extra: Rob Ford's Powers, Visionary Mayors, and Baby Turtles




Extra, Extra: Rob Ford’s Powers, Visionary Mayors, and Baby Turtles

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  • Because it never hurts to have a refresher—here’s a rundown of (a) the mayoral powers Rob Ford will once again have now that he’s back from rehab and (b) the mayoral powers Rob Ford still won’t have even though he’s now back from rehab.
  • So it turns out that a group of some of Toronto’s most important cultural leaders—including ROM director Janet Carding, TIFF director Piers Handling, and AGO director Matthew Teitelbaum—gets together regularly, but not to meddle. “We are an important part of the city and an increasingly important sector,” said Handling. “We aren’t meddling; we are showing we are concerned citizens.” And what are these concerned citizens not meddling in? The mayoral race, and a discussion of the kind of visionary mayor Toronto needs.
  • Sometimes it is pleasant to turn one’s thoughts away from mayors and instead consider adorable baby turtles. In a happy coincidence, today’s National Post contained a story about 10 threatened baby Blanding’s turtles, and the fact that the Toronto Zoo released them into a pond in eastern Toronto. (There is also a photograph of a small Blanding’s turtle climbing up a wooden ramp.)

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CORRECTION: July 1, 2014, 11:10 AM This post originally stated that Blanding’s turtles are endangered; in fact, they are listed as threatened and protected under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act.