Extra, Extra: Rob Ford Musicals, Decline-Your-Vote Conservatives, and Flummoxed Voters




Extra, Extra: Rob Ford Musicals, Decline-Your-Vote Conservatives, and Flummoxed Voters

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  • At some point, every art form will feature something Rob Ford–themed. There are certainly multiple plays about him. There have been rock songs, and operatic songs, and rap songs. We would not be surprised if somewhere, there is a troupe of Ford-focused Morris dancers. Now, it seems, the inevitable mayoral musical is on its way—and if you prepare both a song and a killer one-minute comedy monologue, it’s possible you yourself could be part of it.
  • “Are you a Liberal, PC or NDP who is dissatisfied with your own party and not planning on voting?” You have another option—Decline Your Vote!” So reads the Decline Your Vote website, which is attracting some attention not only because of its attempts to educate and empower voters, but also because it was started by a conservative activist.
  • The provincial election race between the Liberals and the Conservatives appears still to be too close to call. Frank Graves, president of Ekos Research Associates, shared some thoughts about why the race has proved to be so competitive: “What I see is a genuinely flummoxed part of the electorate that simply can’t choose between the rock and the hard place … do you want to have this government—that probably should be in the penalty box for all the things that have happened—back in power again. Or do you really like this almost scorched-earth type of anti-government model that Mr. Hudak is proposing.” It is perhaps not surprising that voters trapped between rocks and other rock-like things while one party plays dirty hockey and another contemplates the burning of the earth would be flummoxed.

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