Extra, Extra: Doug Ford's Juicy Story, Olivia Chow's Bike Plan, and WorldPride Flag-Raising




Extra, Extra: Doug Ford’s Juicy Story, Olivia Chow’s Bike Plan, and WorldPride Flag-Raising

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  • “You want a juicy story? There’s a breach of security in the mayor’s office.” It’s not what you’re thinking—in that what you’re thinking probably involves the mayor’s having done something questionable in his office. The person just quoted was, in fact, Doug Ford, who’s currently claiming that the Karen Stintz campaign has been using an e-mail list stolen from Rob Ford’s office.
  • Olivia Chow is promising that if she’s elected, she’ll build 200 kilometres of new bike lanes (it would obviously be more difficult for her do such a thing if she did not end up being elected). “I will leave the finer details to city planners,” she said of her proposal. “But it’s about having a grid, a network so you can continuously be on the bike line, so people feel safe and will get out of their cars and onto bikes.”
  • Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale) is looking forward to taking part in the official WorldPride 2014 flag-raising ceremony tonight. And there are many, many other people looking forward to tonight: 20,000 people are expected to attend the festivities at City Hall.

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