Voting for the Annual Pug Awards Has Begun


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Voting for the Annual Pug Awards Has Begun

Here's your chance to weigh in on the best and worst buildings of 2013.

The time has come once again for Torontonians to toss in their two cents about the city’s ever-changing urban landscape. Do you have opinions about the Toronto structures that have sprouted across the city over the past year? Are you appalled by one building’s concrete boxiness or enthralled by another’s graceful lines?

Well, whether you scoff at a building or shamelessly ogle it, now is the time to let developers and architects know how you feel by voting in the annual Pug Awards. The awards, founded in 2004, give Torontonians a chance to judge the city’s urban landscape by voting on buildings they love, like, and hate—seriously, those are the three options.

The awards are intended to give Torontonians a way to hold developers and architects accountable for their contributions to the city’s aesthetic. So take a look at the nominees, check out the list of “things to consider,” and judge away. In the gallery above, we’ve rounded up some of the candidates we love and hate. And if you disagree with our choices—vote, and make your opinions known!