Rob Ford Spotted in Bracebridge




Rob Ford Spotted in Bracebridge

Our mayoral Waldo has been found, and he's outside a BMO near Muskoka.

Rob Ford was spotted this afternoon in Bracebridge—he apparently took photos with people outside a bank and inside a dry cleaners’ before getting a ride in the cab of an 18-wheeler. The mayor is on a leave of absence from his duties in order to seek treatment for substance abuse issues. The fact that he’s able to run errands in the afternoon suggests that Ford has not checked in to an in-patient program—Ford’s doctors have told the CBC that his off-site excursion was considered essential, done with supervision, and necessary in order “to address an important matter which otherwise would have been a major distraction.”

Ford has allegedly been spotted many times—in areas such as the Junction, Richmond Hill, and Barrie—since he entered treatment. However, these proved to be cases of mistaken identity. On Twitter, the current sightings have led people to make Loch Ness Monster and Abominable Snowman comparisons—but there is also more than an undercurrent of concern, because many worry that the mayor is not taking his treatment seriously. He told the Toronto Sun‘s Joe Warmington that “rehab is amazing” and “like football camp.” After being scolded for giving Warmington an interview, he proceeded to speak with him for another one.

Ford’s family owns a cottage in Muskoka, near the treatment facility he is reportedly attending in Bala. There is no word on when his treatment is scheduled to finish. One journalist said the following about asking Ford lawyer Dennis Morris to comment on the situation: