Reel Toronto: Suits – Season Two (Part Two)
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Reel Toronto: Suits – Season Two (Part Two)

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

suits2 (640x355)

Suits is the greatest ongoing experiment in the longstanding effort by the American film-making industry to find parts of Toronto that can look like New York City and, indeed, Suits-related people have been spotted all around downtown over the last few weeks shooting the new season. Our review of the back half of the second season suggests that, if nothing else, Suits is apparently determined to hit every restaurant in the city before it’s done.

9 tdcentre (640x357)

Though they venture all over town, the financial district is where Suits mostly does its thing. Here, for example, we start off on York Street, by the TD Centre…

9 bardis (640x355)

…and stroll past Bardi’s

9 frontst localcabs (640x354)

…down to Front Street, where the cabs aren’t all playing along with the yellow New York thing.

9 tappo2 (640x360)

Oooh, here’s a pretty eatery. It’s Tappo, in the Distillery District.

9 bmo (640x352)

Episode nine features a subplot involving this famous athlete guy…

9 bmo toandcandaflags (640x353)

…who is leaving a game at BMO Field, where the flags of Toronto and Canada fly gently in the faux–New York breeze.

9 kingwest (640x356)

There are many resto interiors on this show, but also at least as many exteriors. Here we are on King Street West

9 kingwestreverse (640x350)

…near Portland Street.

11 usatoday ttc (640x352)

You’re still playing our drinking game from last time, right? (Glimpse of USA Today box = shot.) Well, have a shot! And take another for the TTC pole!

11 bayadelaide resto (640x351)

The main law office in Suits can actually be found in the Bay Adelaide Centre, and this patio is set up in the courtyard there. You can even see a bit of the Scotia Tower across the way.

12 bayrbc (640x345)

Here we are on Bay Street, south of King, and you can see the Royal Bank building in the back…

12 baystfight (640x354)

…right before this beat-down on the steps of Commerce Court West.

14 courtyard2 (640x355)

Here’s more of Commerce Court…

14 canflagcourtyard (640x354)

…and someone even did a little photobomb, leaving a Canadian flag up there in the window.

12 dublinlounge2 (640x355)

This homey pub…

12 dublinagain (640x349)

…is actually the Irish Embassy‘s Dublin Lounge. We’re not going to lie—sometimes a sign in the background helps a bit.

12 galleriaresto2 (640x351)

Our expense account doesn’t allow us to compile a comprehensive guide to every nice eatery in the city…

12 galleria3 ARIA (640x349)

…but we know this one is the shiny new Aria, by the ACC.

12 tompsonpool (640x328)

This is one of the prettiest pools in the city…

12 tompsonpool rogers (640x346)

…on the roof of the Thompson Hotel, where the Rogers Centre hovers in the background.

13 streetfood parkinginback sheppard (640x359)

Seeing all these New Yorkers getting great street food in Toronto is a perpetually frustrating aspect of watching Suits. They’re usually on the south side of the Bay Adelaide Centre, but here we’re on the north side, on Temperance, a street not infrequently used for “New York” movie shoots.

13 outsdidetd (640x357)

Here we are outside the TD Centre again…

13 outsdidetd3 (640x352)

…and it looks as if we’re on Wellington Street West.

13 patioresto (640x353)

And this attractive patio (more eating!)…

13 patio rosewater (640x355)

…is set up outside the Rosewater Supper Club.

14 harryrosen (640x347)

Have a shot! And, make it a single malt if, like this character…

14 harryrosenagain sassafraz (640x352)

…you shop at Harry Rosen. You can even see Sassafraz back there.

15 unionville (640x357)

Not all of the show takes place in Manhattan. There is, for example, this small-town scene, which was shot up in Unionville—on almost the exact same spot where Jon Favreau gets high in PCU.

16 operahouse1 (640x355)

The season finale includes a lovely gala here…

16 operahouse2 (640x356)

…at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts.

16 outsideopera (640x357)

The exterior, for whatever reason, is once again Commerce Court.

16 brasaii (640x350)

Another bar!

16 bar (640x358)

This time it’s the chichi Brasaii.

16 cibcscene subwayinback (640x360)

Here’s a fake NYC subway way in the back, just before…

16 crush (640x354)

…we pass the Crush Wine Bar.

And, phew—that’s about it for the second season.