Newsstand: May 20, 2014
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Newsstand: May 20, 2014

Canadians rejoice! The word "poutine" was finally added to the dictionary. In other news: 20 public sculptures by artist E.B. Cox have—sort of—vanished from Exhibition Place, the deer that brought the Gardiner to a standstill yesterday is safe, and Porter now charges for checked luggage on domestic flights.

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Call Nancy Drew, because we’ve got ourselves a case of missing statues down at Exhibition Place. Oh, wait, no; as it turns out, those 20 Greek mythology-inspired E.B. Cox sculptures did not evaporate into thin air, they were just fenced into the ever-expanding patio at Muzik nightclub. The City owns the sculptures, but Exhibition Place maintains them—a strange agreement that was working fine until Muzik took over sole occupancy of the Horticulture Building in a lease agreement that includes all the building’s outdoor space. Here’s the twist: the City doesn’t know how the fence was built in the first place. Staff in charge of public art say they were never consulted about the plans, and there are no applications for a patio at the nightclub registered with Municipal Licensing and Standards. We might need to call Nancy Drew back to investigate how it took the City this long to realize that the proper paperwork was not in place for a patio that began construction in 2008. For now, the future of the sculptures seems to be in limbo while Exhibition Place staff investigate the cost associated with moving the hefty limestone pieces to a new home. Ironically, sculptor E.B. Cox originally removed the works from the Georgian Peaks ski club in 1979, disgusted that they’d only be seen from the chairlift. Cox donated the statues to Exhibition Place so the public could enjoy them. Which the public can, kind of—if they feel like paying a $20 cover charge on a Saturday night to bump and grind with them at a patio dance party.

Yesterday afternoon the Gardiner Expressway was brought to a standstill when a deer with a death wish decided to prance out onto the highway. Large sections of the Gardiner east of Park Lawn Road were closed off as officials tried to direct the animal to safety. Eventually, a veterinarian from the Toronto Zoo was able to sedate the deer, which allowed for her to be removed from the road without injury. A rep for Toronto Animal Services says that she will be released to Rouge Park.

Whether or not Porter is ever allowed to land a jet at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, they’re finding new ways to profit elsewhere—it now costs you more to check bags when you fly with them. Porter recently became the first Canadian airline to charge passengers a $25 fee for their first checked bag on all domestic flights. (They already did this for international flights.) CEO Robert Deluce says this will ensure that the airline can continue to offer competitive base fares. That airlines bleed their customers with new fees is nothing new; pretty soon they’ll start charging for the air you breathe. Wait, do they already do that? Could they theoretically do that? We don’t want to give them any ideas. As for the competition, currently Air Canada says it has no plans to add a domestic luggage charge, but WestJet is exploring the option.