Extra, Extra: Rob Ford Videos, Brooklyn Nets Tweets, and Naming a Baby Gorilla




Extra, Extra: Rob Ford Videos, Brooklyn Nets Tweets, and Naming a Baby Gorilla

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  • You can watch a number of Rob Ford–related videos on CP24 right now. There’s one showing a teary Doug Ford insisting he’ll stand by his brother; there’s another of the mayor’s mother, Diane, saying, “I had no idea it was as serious as it was, but he doesn’t live with me. So, I don’t know what he does every minute of every day.” And there’s yet another called “Deputy Mayor assumes Ford’s responsibilities,” which features Norm Kelly talking about, you know, assuming the mayor’s responsibilities. What is not yet available is a video showing Rob Ford smoking crack—but the chances we’ll eventually see one have gone up, in that there seem to be two of them at the very least.
  • It wasn’t just the Rob Ford news that caused Twitter’s little bird head to spin around and then pop off last night: the dramatic, suspenseful, down-to-the-wire Raptors game also played a role in creating an almost surreally intense social media experience for Torontonians. One somewhat surprising during-game message came from none other than the Brooklyn Nets, who tweeted: “Nets fans take note- this is what a playoff crowd sounds like..set your DVD and take notes #RAPTORSvNETS – LR.” It’s amazing what enthusiasm, genuine appreciation, and the shock of watching a home team play in the playoffs can do for Toronto sports fans.
  • And now, because sometimes the combination of political scandal and sporting excitement can be somewhat overwhelming, above you’ll find a video showing Charles the gorilla choosing a name for his baby daughter.

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