Extra, Extra: Dead Blue Whales, Slow Netflix, and Nash the Slash




Extra, Extra: Dead Blue Whales, Slow Netflix, and Nash the Slash

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  • The Royal Ontario Museum might not be in a position to take charge of two dead giant blue whales from Newfoundland after all. “We’re doing the Trout River whale and then I have to reassess my budget and see where I am in terms of whether or not I can actually do the Rocky Harbour whale,” says Mark Engstrom, the ROM’s deputy director of collections and research. “I’ve incurred a few expenses that I hadn’t expected so it’s going to be tight to do both whales.”
  • Every month, Netflix releases a report that ranks service providers according to how quickly they deliver an hour’s worth of its content during prime time. This month—for the first time ever—Canadian internet service providers were included. And that’s how we know that Bell fibre optic customers probably got their House of Cards at a faster clip than Rogers customers.
  • Canada.com is reporting that Nash the Slash has died at the age of 66. The experimental Toronto musician, whose real name was Jeff Plewman, was known for playing violin while wrapped in bandages and sporting a top hat and sunglasses. He toured with Gary Numan and Iggy Pop, among others, and, as he notes in his 2012 retirement announcement, he was “the first Canadian musician to use a drum machine on an album (1978), at a time when drum machines were outlawed according to the bylaws of the Toronto Musicians’ Association.”

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