Duly Quoted: Steve Paikin, on the Upside of His Controversial Blog Post
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Duly Quoted: Steve Paikin, on the Upside of His Controversial Blog Post

Women are apparently now saying "yes" to appearing on his show, even if they kind of want to say "no."

“Happy to say, my inelegantly worded blogpost has had a fantastic upside to it. More women are saying yes, and that was my point. We know lots of names of potential female guests. Getting them to say ‘yes’ has been the problem. For example, Frances Lankin, the former NDP cabinet minister, told us, ‘I want to say no to you, but I’ll feel guilty given what you guys are trying to do.’ So she said yes and of course did a superb job.”

-TVO host Steve Paikin, commenting during a Reddit AMA about a now notorious blog post from March in which he explained how difficult it was to book female guests.

“…If we’re doing a debate on economics,” he wrote then, “90% of economists are men. So already you’re fishing in a lake where the odds are stacked against you. And unfortunately, it’s the same for foreign affairs, politicians, the sciences, labour issues, and the list goes on. The vast majority of ‘experts’ in the subjects we cover are men.”

The male talent lake wasn’t the only issue he pinpointed—in his blog post, Paikin also identified “something in women’s DNA that makes them harder to book.” No matter—it appears he has now discovered a force stronger and more determinative than both talent lakes and women’s DNA: guilt.

And even if guilt and/or proving Steve Paikin wrong are not inducement enough for women experts, a team of specialists is on the case: “We’re having discussions as well with a team from Ryerson University on whether there are other things we can do to increase the number of women guests,” Paikin says. “It’s our top priority and we’ll stay with it.”

CORRECTION: May 13, 2014, 2:05 PM Due to an editorial error, we originally highlighted an excerpt different from the one we had intended to.