Duly Quoted: John Tory, on Being in Favour of Cycling Opportunities...




Duly Quoted: John Tory, on Being in Favour of Cycling Opportunities…

...as long as they don't get in the way of people "getting around."

“My priority from day one as mayor is going to be to … keep traffic moving in this city, and I am in favour of making opportunities available for cyclists to get around the city too, because that will help, in its own way, to get traffic moving, too. But I want to look at the results of discussions that are going on today and other days and make sure that whatever we do, we are not putting additional obstructions in the way of people getting around in this city … “

-Mayoral candidate John Tory, talking to Global News this morning about his stance on the bike corridor proposal being debated by the public works committee today. The pilot project would involve a number of bike-related streetscape modifications, including the introduction of a cycle track going westbound on Richmond Street, between York and Bathurst streets, and a track going eastbound on Adelaide Street, from Bathurst to Simcoe streets.

So cyclists, take heart! Tory apparently supports the interests of cyclists, as long as those interests are ones shared by motorists (who can also, it seems, be referred to simply as “people getting around in this city”).