All Movie Seats Are Not Created Equal




All Movie Seats Are Not Created Equal

And Cineplex wants to make you pay more for the good ones.

Photo by Flickr user Alex.

Going out to the movies can be a hard sell for some people, especially the ones who enjoy watching illegally downloaded quality cable shows from the comfort of their homes. Movie theatres have been trying hard to distinguish themselves as unique and desirable destinations—arcades! wine!—and now they’ve come up with another angle: premium seat-pricing.

Later this year, Cineplex will be kicking off a pilot project at the Varsity cinema in the Manulife Centre that will give movie-goers the option of paying an extra $2-3 to sit in the coveted spots in the middle rows.

“It’s really about providing our guests with choices when they go to the movies,” said Cineplex spokeswoman Pat Marshall. “I sort of position it akin to an aircraft where you have your regular coach seating, then you might want a bit more amenities, so you go into business class, and then you have a first-class.”

As everyone knows, there’s nothing more relaxing and hassle-free than air travel. And we’re sure having to ask coach patrons to move for the first-class cinephiles won’t create a host of new movie-going challenges.