Reel Toronto: Nikita - Season 2 (Part Two)
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Reel Toronto: Nikita – Season 2 (Part Two)

Uber-assassin Nikita is once again travelling the world without leaving the GTA, as we look at the back half of Season 2.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.


Okay, let’s not waste any time—and get straight back to this still globe-trotting second season of Nikita!

2014 04 03 12 lookslikebuttonville

In the third episode (of the second half of the season), we find ourselves at this airport, which, whatever the titles might claim, is actually Markham’s soon-to-be-closed Buttonville Airport.

2014 04 03 12 buttonville flag

In this shot, you can make out a wee bit of a Canadian flag in the back there.

2014 04 03 12 ruthven hamilto

The major setting in this episode, however, is “Gates House.”

2014 04 03 13 ruthvenbattle

There’s a big gun battle at the site, which is actually historic Ruthven Park. If you’re not already familiar with it (and we weren’t), it’s a national historic site that was once home to the Thompson family—but not that Thompson family.

2014 04 03 15 beachagain

By episode 15, we’re back in “New York City” and its environs. Nikita and her pals are hanging on Long Island, but this beach is on Lake Ontario, not the Atlantic Ocean.

2014 04 03 15 hotellobby flashback intercontinental

Then we’ve got a bunch of action taking place in this hotel…

2014 04 03 15 hotel simcoe

…actually the Intercontinental down at Front and, ahem, Simcoe.

2014 04 03 15 hotelexit

Eventually, the action takes us outside past the same hotel’s parking garage

2014 04 03 15 hotelexit marios

…and, bada boom bada bing, there’s a bit of East Side Mario’s!

2014 04 03 16 eatonhall udinov

By now, we should all be familiar with Eaton Hall as the Udinov family estate.

2014 04 03 16 udinovint parkwood

The interiors, however, belong to our old friend way to the east: Parkwood Estate

2014 04 03 16 moreparkwood

…which is a handsome place, isn’t it?

2014 04 03 16 undergardiner
Back in New York, we’ve got this guy stalking some prey…

2014 04 03 16 undergardiner2

…under the Gardiner—looks like near Bathurst.

2014 04 03 16 cbc wellington

We’ve also got bad dude Percy, now nicely ensconced in a Manhattan suite of some kind. He’s gazing out onto Wellington Street, and so looks as if he could be in this building

2014 04 03 16 cntower

…which, like any prime NYC real estate, has a good view of the CN Tower.

2014 04 03 16 outerbridge

We also get the nice addition of Canuck Peter Outerbridge as a bad guy!

2014 04 03 17 moremoscow

Episode 17 takes place largely in Moscow…

2014 04 03 17 moscow 200jamesst

…and as you would in a pinch, they shot these scenes on James Street North, in Hamilton.

2014 04 03 18 ontassoc architects moatfield

Episode 18 starts out with some spy shenanigans in front of this building, which isn’t remotely what it claims to be here. It’s actually the headquarters of the Ontario Association of Architects, up near Don Mills and York Mills.

2014 04 03 18 130 adelaide

A good chunk of the action takes place here, at Zetrov Corp’s headquarters, obviously.

2014 04 03 18 lobby

We see a great deal of the lobby…

2014 04 03 18 street

…and this shot of Nikita pulling up in her sweet ride, in front of what is actually 130 Adelaide Street West.

2014 04 03 19 yongegrosvenor

Well, here’s a gimme. That pizza shop is on Yonge Street, and we’re looking down Grosvenor

2014 04 03 19 queenspark

…dude cruises down until he gets to the provincial office buildings that front onto Queen’s Park Circle

2014 04 03 19 grosvenorbomb

…and blows up this car real good.

2014 04 03 19 lesliespit

And we also get a chase scene out on the Leslie Street Spit.

2014 04 03 2 rota

Hey, more local thespians! This time it’s Carlo Rota rocking it.

2014 04 03 20 zurich

And in episode 20, we get a big bank robbery taking place in Zurich.

2014 04 03 20 zurichbank2 bankoftoronto

It’s a handsome old bank that could be Swiss, sure, but it’s actually the little-seen old Bank of Toronto building, across from the Eaton Centre, and soon to be part of the Massey Tower.

2014 04 03 20 bankofto ext

Then our robbers go outside onto Yonge…

2014 04 03 2 zurich tosubway

…and past, um, an entrance to the Zurich subway system?

2014 04 03 20 cafe similartocapitalespresso

The “Black Jet Cafe” here drove us crazy. We thought it might be Capital Espresso but thankfully, one of our sharp-eyed readers identified it as Levack Block.

2014 04 03 20 bayparking nyc richmond

This was easier: a van pulls out of the Bay’s parking lot on Richmond

2014 04 03 20 rbcview

…and after it’s driven downtown a bit, you can see the RBC Dexia building way in the back, from down on Front Street.

2014 04 03 21 queenspark

After a long slog through a whole season of TV, we like a nice gimme. Yeah, this is rather obviously Queen’s Park…

2014 04 03 21 qp3

…where this guy is in danger…

2014 04 03 21 qpassassin

…of getting assassinated.

2014 04 03 21 kellylibrary

These guys are watching from a decent vantage point, on St. Joseph Street

2014 04 03 21 museumsubway

…and then things go sideways, and they flee into the Museum subway station.

And, yeah, phew. We can’t claim we’ve covered every spot Nikita hit across these 23 episodes, but we’ve enjoyed the trip around the world once again.

CORRECTION: April 3, 2013, 3:10 PM This post originally stated that the “Black Jet Cafe” might be Capital Espresso, when in fact it is Levack Block on Ossington.