Extra, Extra: Soknacki's Ad-Savviness, the Grid Reimagined, and Remembering Jim Flaherty




Extra, Extra: Soknacki’s Ad-Savviness, the Grid Reimagined, and Remembering Jim Flaherty

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Photo by Flickr user Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

  • Mayoral candidate David Soknacki continues to win the internet thanks to his campaign’s cheeky ads (and we’re happy to see that the most recent one is a good deal less VERY RED and VERY YELLOW)—and it’s possible he will win the support of at least a few cheeky-ad-appreciating voters.
  • We must be quite old, because we still remember back to when the Grid was Eye Weekly, and may, just may, still occasionally call it that by mistake. Not only is the Grid no longer Eye Weekly, though—it’s no longer even the Grid of yesterday: today, the weekly announced it would be launching a new look, adopting a new organizing principle, and featuring “more topical, must-read stories about Toronto communities and personalities, and the urgent issues facing the city.”
  • Jim Flaherty, who resigned as finance minister only last month, died suddenly today at the age of 64. Flags at all civic buildings in Toronto have been lowered to half mast, and politicians from all parties and levels of government have been sharing their memories and expressing their condolences.

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