Extra, Extra: Raptorizing, Smitherman's Grow-Op, and a Defiant Toronto Star




Extra, Extra: Raptorizing, Smitherman’s Grow-Op, and a Defiant Toronto Star

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Photo by b.m.a.n., from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • The Raptors may be one game down in their playoff matchup with the Brooklyn Nets, but they’re by no means out. Some people are now belatedly jumping on the Raptors bandwagon; other people are the bandwagon, and have invented words like “Raptorize,” because their lives cannot be described without new Raptors-related verbs.
  • Former provincial health minister and mayoral hopeful George Smitherman is teaming up with a former deputy police chief and a Markham pharmacist for a bid to establish a licensed marijuana grow-op in Uxbridge—perhaps charting a path other former mayoral hopefuls and/or former mayors will follow in future.
  • “Of course they raid the Star … where else are they going to look?” That appears to be the somewhat combative, somewhat defensive subject line of the memo distributed by Star editor Michael Cooke in response to the Globe‘s poaching of sports columnist Cathal Kelly and City Hall reporter Robyn Doolittle. “Our competitors have woken up after five years of slumber and are coming after our best people,” he continues, “and in some cases are successful in luring them away.” Beware, remaining Star reporters! Every dark corner and unsolicited email might conceal a newly roused Globe operative poised to give you a sweet, sweet deal.

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