Extra, Extra: Pet Microchips, "Hollywood Rob" Bobbleheads, and the Heartbleed Bug


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Extra, Extra: Pet Microchips, “Hollywood Rob” Bobbleheads, and the Heartbleed Bug

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  • Do you have a cat or dog, and if so, has it been implanted with a microchip? One of those microchips that can apparently be implanted quite easily and painlessly and that will make it easier for you to be reunited with your pet should it go missing? Starting April 12, Toronto Animal Services’ chip truck will be stopping at various locations throughout the city and dispensing pet licences (because those both exist and are mandatory) and implanting microchips, for a combined total of $25 for cats and $35 for dogs (if you already have a pet licence, as is doubtless the case, the chip will cost you only $10).
  • Another day, another mayoral bobblehead—sorry, make that two totally different mayoral bobbleheads. One of them is sporting the chain of office, to signify, presumably, that it is the more serious and civic-minded one, and the other is a “special edition ‘Tuxedo Rob’ (Hollywood Rob) + Jimmy Kimmel edition (red tie, black suit).” Or maybe there are three new bobbleheads, because there is also one that involves a football tie. At this point, we are not really sure how many different kinds of Rob Ford bobbleheads exist or how many ties are involved.
  • If you were planning to file your taxes online round about now—well, you can’t. The Canada Revenue Agency has temporarily shut down its online filing services, because the system that gathers and contains much of your private financial information could be vulnerable to a worrisome cyber threat called the “Heartbleed Bug.” It’s certainly not difficult to take internet security vulnerabilities seriously when they sound as if they’ve been named after a dystopian science fiction novel that imagines what would happen to the world if all the systems containing everyone’s personal information were breached.

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