Extra, Extra: Don't Hop on Pop, Mayoral Candidates Meet Wrestlers, and Mayoral Candidates Sing Ke$ha




Extra, Extra: Don’t Hop on Pop, Mayoral Candidates Meet Wrestlers, and Mayoral Candidates Sing Ke$ha

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  • Now and again, patrons request that the Toronto Public Library remove books from circulation. The TPL duly records these requests, engages in additional research, and comes to a conclusion about whether the items in question should indeed be taken permanently from the shelves. An example: in 2013, a patron complained about Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop, charging that it “encourages children to use violence against their fathers.” The library processed this request, engaged in additional research (“The children are actually told not to hop on pop”), and then came to a conclusion— “Retained in the children’s collection.”
  • There comes a time in every municipal election when a candidate associates with a former professional wrestler who turns out to have sent some controversial tweets.(We know the candidate in question is not Rob Ford, because an apology has since been issued.)
  • There should probably never come a time in any election when any candidate for office attempts to communicate a policy proposal by performing a song by Ke$ha and Pitbull—even if the lyrics of that song have been rewritten so that it’s all about underground transit expansion. “Swing your partner round and round/ End of the road, we’re going down/ Long-term solutions are underground.”

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