Extra, Extra: Bankrupt Abattoirs, City Hall's Chill Pill, and the Harry Jerome Awards


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Extra, Extra: Bankrupt Abattoirs, City Hall’s Chill Pill, and the Harry Jerome Awards

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Photo by Flickr user Eric Greer.

  • Quality Meat Packers, which has been operating at Wellington and Niagara streets since 1931, recently filed for bankruptcy protection. The Star considers Toronto’s bacon fetish, its equally marked “I love bacon but don’t want to live near a smelly abattoir” fetish, and the possibility that the “Destructor” will become “a magnificent public building of some cultural importance.”
  • Today, a City committee voted 4-3 in favour of banning electronic dance music events at Exhibition Place’s City-owned buildings. The motion was introduced by Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West), who later released a press release titled “LET’S ALL TAKE A CHILL PILL FOR NOW,” and containing the phrase “THIS CITY IS LOSING ITS ELECTRONIC MARBLES.” This press release may well come back to haunt Mammoliti, though, in that its attitude and devotion to capital letters make clear the best place to hold an electronic dance party would be anywhere near Giorgio Mammoliti.
  • The 32nd BBPA Harry Jerome Awards Annual Gala will be held this coming Saturday. The awards recognize “excellence, both past and present, within the African-Canadian community,” and hand out prizes in 16 different categories, including athletics, arts, and community service. Here’s an overview of this year’s winners, and their many and varied accomplishments.

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