Extra, Extra: Airport Expansion Woes, New Street Names, and Casanovas With Game




Extra, Extra: Airport Expansion Woes, New Street Names, and Casanovas With Game

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Photo by Dean, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • It’s nice that when Toronto takes some time off from a “future of the Gardiner Expressway” discussion that never seems to reach any conclusions, it can keep itself busy with a “future of the island airport expansion plan” discussion that is invariably dominated by new disagreements and controversies.
  • How does Aquaview Crescent sound? Does Merchants’ Wharf strike your fancy? Those are two of the seven names on the list of finalists for Waterfront Toronto’s street-naming competition. While we regret that “Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard” did not make the cut, we are happy see that “Water Street” is among the chosen few, as that is a good, solid, sensible name for a waterfront street. You have from now until May 1 to vote for your favourite (which will obviously be “Water Street”).
  • Are you “a skilled writer who understands seduction psychology” and who is capable of “building attraction using words that evoke masculinity with a touch of ‘mystery'”? Do you consider yourself a Casanova with “game”, and have teasing, role-playing, and humour “in your toolkit”? If so, and if you don’t mind maybe pretending to be a successful male executive in order to help successful male executives find “life-long female marriage partners,” then do we have a Toronto-based job opportunity for you!

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