Weekend Newsstand: March 29, 2014


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Weekend Newsstand: March 29, 2014

It's Saturday—if you've been working for the weekend, you can stop now. News-wise: prosecutors proclaim bewilderment at Lisi's motive, Tory campaign is rolling in dough, and a new report says Toronto is losing its competitive edge.

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Prosecutors told the court yesterday that they don’t know Alexander Lisi’s motive for allegedly attempting to recover the Rob Ford crack video by threatening those he believed were holding it. Hmmmm, let’s see—Mayor Rob Ford is taped smoking crack. After news of the video surfaces on Gawker on May 16, 2013, records show 13 phone and text contacts between the mayor and his close friend Lisi. That same night, Lisi is in phone and text contact with two individuals later named as the victims in the alleged extortion. Yep, that’s a head-scratcher.

The John Tory mayoral campaign has already raised almost $400,000 towards the maximum of $1,305,066, keeping pace with the numbers announced by the Olivia Chow campaign earlier this week. Neither candidate has indicated whether bobblehead sales will be part of future fundraising efforts.

A report from the Toronto Region Board of Trade and the Institute For Competitiveness and Prosperity says that the GTA is lagging behind other North American regions in productivity, with commensurate effect on our economic well-being. Unsurprisingly, one of the factors cited as keeping Toronto less prosperous than it should be is “low investment in transportation infrastructure.” The report did not specifically reference the large number of cranes you can see from your window.

Don’t forget that tonight is Earth Hour, when we power down from 8:30 to 9:30 and then return to beating the environment into submission.