Trump Tower's Sorry History




Trump Tower’s Sorry History

The monument to ostentation at Bay and Adelaide has faced appropriately over-the-top problems in the past 13 years.

Photo by Flickr user ChrisTylerTO.

On March 7, glass dangled from Toronto’s Trump Tower, leading to the closure of Bay and Adelaide and creating a great deal of commuter frustration (but thankfully no injuries). That, though, was just the latest embarrassment for the Oz-like building, which in its brief history has seen three cases of falling or dangling glass, investor revolts, development delays, and even a failure to comply with its public art requirements. Trump Tower may have wanted to make its mark on Toronto real estate, and it has—but for all the wrong reasons.

In the interest of tracking all of these different developments—and because we know The Donald is always concerned about what he lends his name to—here’s a brief history of Toronto’s Trump Tower.