Toronto Area Could Be Getting a Giant Waterpark




Toronto Area Could Be Getting a Giant Waterpark

This 9,300-square-metre waterpark/event complex would be open year-round—even and especially during endless winters.

If winter is as interminable and unremitting in 2016 as it has been in 2014, Torontonians might at least be able to find some warm-weather recreational relief without having to leave the country or exercise considerable ingenuity. A development group know as marbleLIVE has decided that what this city needs is access to a $60-million, 9,300-square-metre indoor/outdoor water park and event complex—with a retractable roof, obviously, so that snow squalls won’t interfere with wintertime water fun.

No site has been selected yet: the developers indicate they’re in discussions with both Toronto and Mississauga about possible locations, and have narrowed the field to three promising sites.

If and when this balmy, year-round, winter-denying complex opens, it promises “wave pools, water slides, lazy rivers, splash pads, a sandy beach, cabanas, party rooms, retail nodes, quality restaurants and live events.” We’re unclear what exactly “retail nodes” are, although they sound potentially both profitable and painful, but most of those other things sound nice—and just look at how happy those people in the video seem to be.

In unrelated news, it appears Toronto might be in for some more wintery weather and freezing rain on Wednesday—it would probably be unwise to attempt to recreate any of the scenes from this promotional video this coming Wednesday.