Newsstand: March 31, 2014




Newsstand: March 31, 2014

What a beautiful Monday. What a disturbing oxymoron. Here's some news if you're stuck inside today: the federal government has trouble finding job information, a terrifying municipal election fact, and Bixi gets a makeover.

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Many people made fun of the federal government last week when it was revealed the government relies in part on Kijiji ads for information on job vacancies. Now, the Globe and Mail has come to the government’s defence: it’s really hard, apparently, to figure out what’s going on with jobs in Canada. While the supply side of the labour market—people looking for jobs—is well-worn territory, there’s not much data collected on available jobs. When governments are acting on bad or out-of-date information, the chances their actions will actually help the people who need it decrease. That’s especially bad for Ontario residents, who tend to suffer the brunt of job losses. In December 2013, the country lost 45,900 jobs; 39,000 of those were in Ontario.

At the National Post, a panel of journalists discussed Toronto’s already seemingly endless campaign, and while the entire conversation was depressing, this nugget of horror from Chris Selley was particularly sobering: “ Torontonians are in an election campaign for literally 15 per cent of our lives.” We’ve got to stop the madness, people.

Toronto Parking Authority is unveiling major changes to what was until now known as Bixi; beginning Tuesday, it will be known simply as Toronto Bike Share and will be operated daily by Alta Bicycle Share, a Portland, Oregon bike share company. The restructuring, a result of the program’s financial difficulties, will see modest rate increases for short-term users and significant savings for dedicated riders. While 24-hour and 72-hour passes will increase by $2 and $3 respectively, month-long memberships will decrease from $41 to $18, and annual ones from $97 to $90.