High-Tech Child's Play



High-Tech Child’s Play

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace features a variety of creativity-inspiring media installations—and will almost certainly make all children want their own robots.

In the good old days, when children were obliged to use their imaginations, the process was quite an arduous one and involved doing things like pretending wooden blocks were castles and an overturned salad bowl was one half of the Death Star. Now, it seems, kids are handed things like magnetic blocks and virtual-reality helmets and use their imagination to build fully functioning robots.

From March 8–April 21, TIFF Kids International Film Festival will be hosting the third annual TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace, an exhibition featuring interactive installations, DIY activities, and a whole lot of games. The young ones can focus on reading skills with Big Bird while the older ones are racing colour-changing robotic balls. And the young at heart of all ages can focus on answering the age-old question: “What do you get when you cross foosball and Pong?”