Extra, Extra: Rob Ford's Accomplishments, Local Bat Activity, and Toronto's Internet of Everything




Extra, Extra: Rob Ford’s Accomplishments, Local Bat Activity, and Toronto’s Internet of Everything

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Photo by Flickr user USFWS Headquarters.

  • Rob Ford has launched his campaign website. It features a list of accomplishments. There may be some issues with this list, as some of the accomplishments may have been not at all or only partially accomplished. We will not enumerate the issues and questions raised by the items included, because Matt Elliott has already done that.
  • Here is a hypnotizing .gif that illustrates how the addition of all the transit lines that currently have funding will change the familiar TTC route map between now and 2021.
  • Do you like bats? Then you might want to learn about their habits while participating in nature walks arranged by the High Park Nature Centre and then borrow bat detectors so that you can measure the bat activity around your home. Do you fear bats? Well, then you still might want to learn about their habits and measure the bat activity around your home. The data collected will contribute to our understanding of the Toronto bat community and how it can be protected.
  • Cisco Systems Inc. announced today that it will be building “Internet of Everything” labs in four different cities, and that Toronto will be one of those cities. The “Internet of Everything” apparently has something to do with making it possible for all the technological things in our lives (heart monitors, cars, etc.) to communicate with one another—something that will produce only positive developments and never result in a cruel refrigerator overclass.

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