Extra, Extra: Graphic Voting Records, a Local Weather Beacon, and a Restaurant Critic's Review of Rob Ford


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Extra, Extra: Graphic Voting Records, a Local Weather Beacon, and a Restaurant Critic’s Review of Rob Ford

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Photo by AshtonPal, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • You may be accustomed to seeing voting records presented in the form of lists, or a series of lists, or perhaps lists placed side by side: but now you can experience an analysis of the voting records of Toronto city councillors in a more vividly visual way, thanks to this website, which takes council data and turns it into strangely attractive (and, of course, informative) Spirograph-y shapes.
  • It’s possible you already know that the lights on the top of the Canada Life building communicate information about the weather. But one can never know too much about weather beacons, which is why learning more about what their colours signal, how they’re operated, and who does the operating is a rewarding enterprise.
  • Rob Ford didn’t make himself available to reporters when additional police documents related to the Project Brazen 2 investigation were released on March 19; he did, though, make time to enjoy some Toronto hot dogs with British restaurant critic Giles Coren. Apparently, though, the sharing of street meat does not always create a lasting mutual affection. While Coren reports that he was “appalled by the behaviour of the Canadian journalists” and “almost sympathetic to Rob Ford,” he’s also quoted as saying, “Oh, he’s clearly a terrible, terrible man.”

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