Extra, Extra: Election Fever, Rob Ford's Soap Opera, and Sir John A. Union Station




Extra, Extra: Election Fever, Rob Ford’s Soap Opera, and Sir John A. Union Station

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Photo by asianz, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • Spring is a time for lovers, and for wearing less substantial coats—and, apparently, for talking about nothing but candidates, elections, prospective candidates, prospective elections, and everything else related to candidates and elections. Now that Olivia Chow has entered the race for mayor, people are busy discussing what will happen to her old riding of Trinity-Spadina after a federal by-election.
  • Mayor Rob Ford has now been mentioned on General Hospital—and not in the context of a discussion about civic responsibility and accountability in Port Charles. It appears that the name “Rob Ford” is now a commonly understood stand-in for “the most notorious person there is.”
  • Do you feel strongly that Union Station should be renamed something along the lines of “Sir John A. Macdonald”? Or perhaps you feel strongly that Union Station has been keeping company with its name for some time and doesn’t need a new one: either way, you can make your feelings known through this online survey.

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CORRECTION: March 13, 2014, 6:15 This post originally made mention of a provincial election in regard to Olivia Chow’s old riding of Trinity-Spadina: it should, of course, have referred instead to a federal by-election.