Extra, Extra: Clown for Mayor, On-Street Parking, and Metrolinx's Progress Map




Extra, Extra: Clown for Mayor, On-Street Parking, and Metrolinx’s Progress Map

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  • It was perhaps only a matter of time before a clown with a catchy and mildly disreputable-sounding name said “You want a circus at City Hall? I’ll show you a circus” and joined the mayoral race. And that time, it seems, has come.
  • People with on-street parking permits know that (a) every six months, they have to start parking on the other side of the street, and (b) April 1 is the day that kicks off the one of those biannual street-side parking shifts. Well, not this year, on-street parkers! This winter was so cold and so snowy that ice has built up between parked cars, and the City cautions that it “may not be safe or practical to switch sides until the ice and snow has melted.” So for that reason, you now have until April 15 to cross the street—and police officers will not commence springtime on-street-parking ticketing until 9 a.m., April 16.
  • We enjoy maps a great deal, especially ones that reveal things about Toronto and feature somewhat attractive pictograms. This Metrolinxprogress map” displays the locations of various infrastructure improvement projects. One small and amusing thing, though, must be noted about this progress map: “Please note that Metrolinx is involved in over 200 infrastructure improvement projects; not all of those projects are displayed on the map above. We’ll be adding projects to the map in phases. Come back soon to check on the progress.”

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