Extra, Extra: City Hall Chaos, TVO's Female Guests, and a Polar Bear


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Extra, Extra: City Hall Chaos, TVO’s Female Guests, and a Polar Bear

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Photo by Steve M, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • The scene at City Hall today, as reporters tried to question Rob Ford about newly released police documents, involved yelling, shoving, running, and generalized chaos. These three videos will give you a pretty good sense of what it was like, and how amazing it is that no one has yet been seriously hurt.
  • Tonight on The Agenda, Steve Paikin will convene a television panel about how hard it is to convene a television panel that includes female guests. We assume this panel will feature women. Or else we’re looking at a future panel involving panels about panels…and so on, and so on, until some kind of self-referential overload causes the program to consume itself and then vanish entirely.
  • And if you need to be reminded that videos can contain pleasant, heart-warming, life-affirming things, here’s footage of Hudson—a polar bear who used to call the Toronto Zoo home, but moved to Winnipeg last year—meeting three new polar bear friends.

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