Duly Quoted: Ford Lawyer Dennis Morris, on his Client's Rights




Duly Quoted: Ford Lawyer Dennis Morris, on his Client’s Rights

Ford's lawyer defends his client's refusal to answer questions.

“We all have the right to remain silent.”

-Rob Ford’s criminal lawyer Dennis Morris, often referred to as “Hotmail Lawyer” by City Hall watchers, comments in a CP24 interview on Monday on his client’s refusal to answer questions relating to the ongoing police investigation. New Project Brazen 2 court documents were released Wednesday and Monday that reveal more details about the crack video and the extent of the mayor’s relationship with Sandro Lisi. The mayor also issued a statement of defence on Monday regarding a lawsuit brought against him by his sister’s former common-law partner, who alleges Ford conspired to have him beaten in prison in order to keep him quiet about the mayor’s indiscretions. The mayor denies the allegations.