Duly Quoted: David Soknacki, on Why Torontonians Shouldn't Vote Strategically




Duly Quoted: David Soknacki, on Why Torontonians Shouldn’t Vote Strategically

Mayoral candidate reminds people on Reddit AMA that early frontrunners don't always win elections.

“I think Rob Ford is pretty capable of ruining his own chances, don’t you? I think the people of Toronto should support whoever best fits their criteria for an ideal mayor. Don’t vote out of fear, or compromise. Vote for the mayor this city deserves. If only early frontrunners won elections then we wouldn’t have had David Miller or Naheed Nenshi or Bill de Blasio as mayors. I know people are anxious to end this sad and distracting period in our city’s history, but we can do it with the integrity of our own votes intact.”

—Mayoral candidate David Soknacki, responding to a question—”What would you say to people who want to vote for you but are concerned that you don’t have the support to win? If you were in our shoes, wouldn’t you vote for whomever could unseat Rob Ford?—today during a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”). Soknacki has already answered more questions than Kathleen Wynne did during her Reddit AMA in February. Wynne’s foray into Reddit was widely criticized, as she managed to reply to only ten questions, and did so using what many users disparaged as canned “non-statements.”