Newsstand: February 4, 2014




Newsstand: February 4, 2014

Stuff keeps happening, so here we are again. In the news: Robyn Doolittle’s book about Rob Ford sheds new light on his alleged addiction problems, and Doug Ford doesn’t think too much of that; police are still investigating the mayor; John Tory talks income inequality; a petition to revamp a much-loathed intersection near Billy Bishop Airport; and more snow.

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Be sure to set your PVR to catch Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this Thursday. She’ll be his guest to promote her new book Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story. Among the possible topics of conversation? Doolittle’s claim that it was the death of Mayor Ford’s father that triggered his substance abuse problems, which she details in the book. Also revealed are allegations that the mayor’s wife Renata was recorded by a confidante saying that the mayor told her he would give up “pills” but not cocaine when he was elected.

Since, evidently, we’re all Bill Murray and this is Groundhog Day, Councillor Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North) is calling allegations in Doolittle’s new book “bulls–t”. “It’s biased opinion from a biased media outlet,” said Councillor Ford yesterday. Does anyone have the energy left to remind him what happened last time he went out on this limb?

Anyway, it could end up that Robyn Doolittle’s new book is the least of the mayor’s worries. Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux says that the investigation of Mayor Ford is still ongoing. While Giroux would not comment on the nature of the investigation, he did say that Mayor Ford remains the primary focus.

Maybe-mayoral candidate John Tory was on the defensive yesterday about some comments he made regarding wage inequality. Tory told CP24 that he rarely saw women negotiate for higher salaries. “The number of men who came to negotiate with me when I was running a law firm or a company was much higher than the number of women. The women don’t come as often to complain,” explained Tory. Since he is such an authority on the subject of women and their money, Tory dedicated a portion of his radio show to responding to the backlash over his statements. He also enlightened us further with his wisdom by denying studies that suggest some income inequality stems from the fact that women are socialized not to ask for raises. “I’ve never heard of parents telling young women or young girls that they don’t ask,” said Tory. Well, thanks for clearing all of this up for womankind, Mr. Tory. We salute you!

A group of Torontonians has launched a petition urging City planners to revamp a problem intersection located at Bathurst Street, Lakeshore Boulevard, and Fleet Street. It is a tangled 8-way mess that involves 10 lanes of traffic, and petition organizers think traffic is bound to get more congested as condominium developments spring up around the area. The City admits it is a difficult intersection, and that competing demands from motorists, pedestrians, and streetcars complicate matters. There is no clear-cut solution to redesigning the interaction at present, but a spokesperson for the City says they have been making minor improvements with signal timing to try and ease congestion in the area.

Oh, yeah, we’re also getting more snow.